Trails of Cold Steel 1 Pt27 – Jusis House Arrest! Prison Break!

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Like Trails in the Sky 3, Cold Steel sounds like it has a silly name and it looks like a stupid anime game to many, but if you can get past that there’s actually a lot of interesting lore with a huge world. There’s an incredible amount of detail put into the cities that you visit, as well as individual NPCs, most of which are actually unique characters that have sidequests.

Though the plot is slow and there are long narratives that might make this feel like a visual novel, it’s not! The combat is a bit simplistic and bland, but it’s not difficult by any means and you don’t need to grind as much as you think you would.

Honestly, Neptunia games should have towns like this and they’d be perfect. Cold Steel is an amazing title, and you can see they put their limited budget to good use – contrast this to huge titles like FF13 that didn’t even have any dungeons in the game at all. The story is amazing.

My only gripe is that the last sequence in the game has a huge chunk of plot, and this title ends up ending on a cliffhanger. I might just pick up Cold Steel 2 for my PS Vita and play it, because that cliffhanger was actually pretty bad.

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