Social Anxiety Living Inside My Own Prison | How To Break Free & Take Control Of Your Life

Social anxiety is the most common illness.

Life is unfair and there are many others that have worst illness and disabilities than social anxiety.

Don’t let this mind controlling illness stripe you of the one amazing life you were given.

Practice daily meditation, positivity, accept who you are but use it to your advantage, face your fears, be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and have patience.

These are ways to cure your social anxiety.

It’s better to start now or later may become never.

Social Anxiety affects about 40 millions adults which is about 18% of the U.S. population.

The worst part is only about 37% actually get treatment while the others have to live with this miserable illness or maybe it’s a curse!

What’s even sadder and shocking is the fact that many with this illness have to deal with it for at least 10 years or more before getting treatment.

That’s 13.3% of their life behind bars if you assume the average person lives to 75 years old.

We really want to cover this vital subject because this epidemic is out of control and not stopping anytime soon.

It won’t be easy because each individual has their own sets of complications and we can not cover all of them, however we have some solutions that may help you deal or conquer social anxiety.

Here are 3 topics concerning social anxiety that we will address:

1. What causes social anxiety.

2. Living with social anxiety denies you of freedom.

3. How to break this curse and start living your life.

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