Police Dog Prison Escape Survival Android Gameplay

Take control of jail safety catch criminals in police dog prison escape survival

Police dog prison escape survival simulator is a new action packed simulation in which you have a fully trained and certified dog of real police dog chase games under your commands and controls. Rivalry between prisoners and police game takes a new twist. Be in-charge of a prison, a real police suit dog to do the security job for the jail. Different kinds of criminals, gangsters and under world dons are trying to jail break in this prison escape police dog survival game. It your duty now to watch out prison escape by jail break criminals, gangsters and robbers. The security officials of police dog simulator games are unable to arrest them due to their hidden identities. You have been hired as a trained dog to stop and to chase the thugs involved in the prison escape mission. Take your special dog of police dog chase games to track down all these criminals of police dog games 2019 to free your city from all these criminals. As a trained German shepherd it is your duty to be alert all the time. Launch a severe pursuit movement of police city dog games against all evil stack pockets of police dog criminal chase games so that people of us police dog chase games can lead their lives without any external fear. Give a helping hand to police officials of high speed dog chasing games to save lives and money which they are spending to arrest these troubling agents of chase car dog games. Play this police dog prison escape survival simulator game for hours of fun and do not let プリズンブレイク the jail.

Your top most duty is to go deep into the hideouts of criminals of street racers dog games to help security agents of criminal escape dog chase games. You are playing as the police dog chasing criminals in the jail as guardian. Some prisoner might be carrying some suspicious stuff. They might run away when sited so be fast to catch them. Facilitate all your people of extreme dog chase games by completing these tough and astonishing tasks of extreme dog chasing games in professional manner of future dog chase games. Don’t let the jail turn into a crime place. Play as a angry dog to hunt down criminals and prisoners as you are a trained German shepherd. You have to use your sniffing abilities to track down prisoners who have suspicious items and secure the prisoner. Jump onto your preys of hi speed dog games to make them feel your presence in this new world of flying dog chase games.Trained as a professional police dog to sniff around, catch criminals and prisoners. Take criminal to prisoner and do not let prison escape. Accompany bomb disposal squad to find and diffuse the bomb. Your mission is to chase the prisoners, sniff out bombs, prevent jail crime and help police officers keep the jail in order by using powerful sense of smell. Attack all your enemies of police dog chase simulator with the help of your fully trained dog. Free track criminal, suspects and missing persons in different challenging missions in this police dog prison escape survival.
Google Play download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bbg.police.dog.prison.escape.survival


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