Overwatch – Sigma Teaser #2 ANALYSIS – Prison Break?! | Hammeh

Sigma, Overwatch Hero 31’s second Overwatch Teaser is here! Why is he a “subject” (Test Subject?), what’s with the alarms and flashing lights, and what could this all mean for his origin story and Overwatch lore? Grab a quick analysis here!

So, Teaser 2 in 2 days – means we’ll probably see Overwatch Hero 31 on the PTR next week, maybe even Tuesday – with an Origin Trailer tomorrow perhaps? Big weeks / summer for Overwatch in general, isn’t it? 😀

3 main things of interest – the Sigma symbol (confirmation of a few theories, or the ballpark he is in terms of background), the fact he’s a “subject”, and the general jumpsuit/klaxon/flashing lights dynamic.

Sigma the prisoner? What do you reckon?

Love to hear your theories and thoughts as always in the comments – not long to wait!


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