Lost Alice Prison Break Event: Dino Bardi (HD)

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The first story reward for the recently concluded Prison Break Ribbon collection event of Lost Alice is for Louis or the Spinner of Tales.

This is a one-shot story reward with Dino as Alice’s partner.

For those who are unfamiliar with Lost Alice, it is a visual novel otome gapme that’s based from the characters of Alice in Wonderland. Consider it as an otome fanfic of sorts, which turned most of the book’s non-human characters into bishounen (or good looking men) with powers.

The main “game” prompts you to make choices that will affect the story’s ending. But there are also non-choice based stories that you get from Miss Wonderland and Limited Events (such as the Ribbon Collection one: Prison Break).

It’s free to play on mobile, but as in other F2P games, you may choose to purchase stuff if you’d like to progress faster.

Also, don’t expect any heavy story lines in this visual novel game. It’s just a fun otome fan service I think.

I used an iOS device to record this full gameplay/walkthrough. I think it’s also available on PC and Android devices.

Here’s the link for the Apple App Store in case you’re curious to try it out:
Lost Alice / Shall we date? by NTT Solmare

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I also am planning to do voiceovers/commentary in the future for this, just saving up to get a decent mic 😸

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