Dragon Quest Builders 2 [PS4] Commentary #064, Skelkatraz Day 8: Prison Break

This is video #064 in my playthrough of Dragon Quest Builders 2 for the Sony PlayStation 4. This video contains commentary. To view the non-commentary version, click here: https://youtu.be/e33A6eW3iHM

Dragon Quest Builders 2 [PS4] (No Commentary) Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIZ8kn0xML27_3ay3c6t1vUDoEwjhkq7R

Dragon Quest Builders 2 [PS4] (Commentary) Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIZ8kn0xML24R0hrnk7Xf_k_DVNn4uQyY

Previously, during the night of his seventh day on Skelkatraz, Heorot broke out and tamed the Hammerhood confined in the Hole. He named the Hammerhood MCHammer. The next morning, the Chief Inspector carried out a surprise inspection. On the eighth day, Heorot will make his final preparations before breaking out of this horrible place.

After resuming, Heorot speaks with Molly at the storehouse (time 0:34).

Heorot speaks with Molly again (time 1:08). He learns the recipe for the Smashing Sign. When he places one of these signs on a wall, his Hammerhood friend will attempt to smash through the wall.

At the sewing station, Heorot crafts some Smashing Signs (time 2:27). Each batch of 10 Smashing Signs requires 1 Grass Fibre and 1 Cord. These ingredients can be acquired by taking care of weeds and ivy in the farm.

Heorot reports into Molly (time 2:53). She wishes him well on his venture. Errand complete! Now, Heorot and Malroth can relax on the bench until sundown.

Heorot and Malroth sit on the bench (time 5:47). At sunset, they are directed back to their cells.

Outside, Heorot collects his nightly Cabbage from the guard (time 6:44). He cooks a serving of Grilled Greens before leaving the farm.

Heorot returns to his cell in the cell block (time 8:14). After nightfall, it is time to begin the escape.

Under his cell, Heorot talks to Slick the Slime (time 9:26). The time to act is now. The first step is to free Malroth. The Hammerhood can tunnel through Earth block walls.

Heorot places a Smashing Sign on the nearby Earth wall (time 10:27). It’s hammer time! After the Hammerhood has done a little digging, Malroth drops in.

Heorot reports in to Slick the Slime (time 11:14). Errand complete!

Heorot speaks with Malroth for another errand (time 11:34). The Hammerhood can only tunnel through Earth walls. Heorot must look out for Earth walls in the tunnel.

A short way down the tunnel, Slick points out an Earth wall (time 12:20). Heorot gets MCHammer to smash through the wall. It reveals a chamber with Funghouls and a chest.

The chest contains 4 Antidotal Herbs (time 12:54).

Farther down the tunnel, near a shallow pool of muddy water, Slick points out another wall of Earth blocks (time 13:07). Heorot passes this by for now.

In the crematorium, Heorot examines the masked man’s corpse (time 13:34). He finds an amazingly powerful Cypress Stick! This the reward from his masked cell block neighbor who asked him to find Barbara the cat.

Down in the tunnel, Heorot puts a Smashing Sign on the latest Earth wall (time 14:32). MCHammer does some more hammering.

A scene takes place when MCHammer finishes (time 15:06). No one seems to be able to look to the left.

Heorot places a Smashing Sign on the next Earth wall to the left (time 15:40). They soon reach an inflow of murky water.

Continuing on, Heorot finds a Walking Corpse ahead (time 16:48). After some dialogue, he and his companions battle it.

Another scene takes place after the Walking Corpse is defeated (time 17:29). Slick seems to recognize it.

Heorot gives some Monster Munchies to the Walking Corpse (time 18:33). It actually joins his team! Suspecting who it really is, Heorot names it Gotfried.

Near the exit from the tunnel, whom does Heorot meet but the Chief Inspector (time 20:10). She is quite a dastardly individual.

After the scene, Heorot and his friends do battle with the Chief Inspector (time 21:25). It is mildly challenging. The Chief Inspector summons Deadnauts in pairs. She can also cast fire-elemental spells.

Soon, Heorot and company defeat the Chief Inspector (time 21:55). Heorot recovers his missing equipment! Very nice! He can now smash his way out.

Heorot hammers open the exit (time 23:04).

A scene takes place outside the tunnel (time 23:16). Captain Brownbeard’s ship is waiting at a dock nearby. Heorot and friends can now flee this horrible place.

However, before they flee, Heorot backtracks through the tunnels to his cell. To avoid bugs, he puts his bed back the way it was. He can now claim a great many things from Skelkatraz. Some of the rarest items to find, apparently, are the Guillotines on the roll call platform. He can also reclaim the Book of Blue Prints from where he put it. In the farm, he can claim the Cabbages and Cabbage Seeds. He can also claim some things from the storehouse, but the sewing station cannot be taken.

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